disobedient-nightmare-deactivat whispered:
I want the K ≈ gimme dat pitch lovin'

19 - Forceful Kiss (( ooh hoo hoo heheheehaonhonohn))

Pitch lifted the corner of his mouth as he caught sight of the other Pitch, distinguishable from himself by only the scars and difference of expression. Before his prey could say anything, Pitch had closed the distance between them to grab onto his shoulders, an area that he knew would weaken him. His fingers dug in only slightly, to elicit a surprised gasp from the other Pitch and to cause the shift in his center of gravity. The mere touch had forced the other Pitch’s knees to buckle, but before he could fall, Sassy Pitch moved forward to forcefully claim his lips, nearly bruising his own in the process. He moved quickly, first chewing and biting on the other spirit’s lip hard enough to almost draw blood, and then darting his tongue into his mouth to intertwine with the other’s.

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